DIY Makeup Vanity Brilliant Setup for Your Room

DIY makeup vanity ideas are so many and no matter what idea that you want to use, it is always important to know the primary key to make it great, which is the quality base for a good makeup in the end. Storage is the most important thing that you better think of from the start as this can be considered as the foundation for the vanity. All of your practical products can be stored in a desk. It is alright for you to have a bolder color scheme if you love makeup even if you are not a feminine or girly person, so you can get a better vanity look.

When you think about DIY vanity, it is actually all about how things can be organized and it does not mean everything can be shoved inside the storage. For a cheap and easy organizer, it is good to add drawer organizers or desktop to your vanity idea because this is all you need in order to make your life much easier. To make your makeup vanity more perfect, do not forget about having a mirror. Make sure the one that you choose is the one providing you a real and true reflection when you do your makeup in front of it.

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DIY Makeup Vanity Table

There are so many ideas for the makeup vanity table that you can do it yourself and if you have to choose the material, it is better to go for marble. However, it is also a good idea to make a beautiful yet simple wood vanity for you who love something a bit old-fashioned or vintage. An antique makeup desk that offers a chic look is also perfect.

DIY Makeup Vanity Table Images DIY Makeup Vanity Table Pictures DIY Makeup Vanity Table with Lights


DIY Makeup Vanity with Lights

It is better if you can make your own makeup vanity with lights by taking from the DIY Hollywood style. It is great to combine three things when creating the table, outside twinkle lights, trifold mirror, and old table to make it perfect as if you are in Hollywood. This kind of homemade vanity will be more awesome by adding some cute knobs for a perfect vintage look.

DIY Makeup Vanity with Lights DIY Makeup Vanity with Lights Images DIY Makeup Vanity with Lights Pictures


DIY Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

A makeup vanity mirror added with lights is actually a great project to do because when you can make it true, it will make a glam and glitz look to your room for sure. It is amazing to add small circle lamps around the mirror, or just simply adding them on the right and left side of the mirror. You can even just add them at the top.

Best DIY Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights DIY Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Images DIY Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights


DIY Makeup Vanity Desk

It will end up being much cooler if you can combine two dressers along with the makeup vanity desk. For the top, the painted plywood can be attached as well. Utilizing the sewing machine to be repurposes into a makeup vanity desk is also one of the best ideas to try. This can also be made as your organizer to store your own jewelry and other things like accessories.

DIY Makeup Vanity Desk Images DIY Makeup Vanity Desk Pics DIY Makeup Vanity Desk Pictures


DIY Corner Makeup Vanity

Usually, a corner makeup vanity will come in a smaller size with many different options that you can choose. Some are designed with drawers so hair stuff and makeup can be put there. Some others have a top with generous size that can help you to have a more room to set your stuff out. There are also some corner makeup vanities that are offered along with the upholstered seat.

Best DIY Corner Makeup Vanity DIY Corner Makeup Vanity Images DIY Corner Makeup Vanity


DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity

A glass top for the makeup vanity will make your life much easier because it comes with a better, low maintenance. Aside from the clean and elegant look, when you have counter spills during the makeup application, it is always easier for you to clean up the top in a breeze. The top from glass can even be made for the transparent organizer so everything can be kept neat while you can still see the products.

Best DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity Pictures DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity


DIY Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity

Wall mounted makeup vanity will actually save the place and give you more room. This kind of idea is also simple enough even though it usually does not come with many drawers. It can actually be tricked by having transparent, glass-made makeup organizer as the top of the makeup vanity. It will totally help you as storing your essentials does not have to have many drawers.

Best DIY Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity DIY Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Ideas DIY Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Pictures DIY Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity



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