Amazing Options of Loft Beds with Stairs

For a small-space room, placing loft beds with stairs will solve the problem and the homeowners can still position and other furniture under the beds if it is a single loft bed. Loft beds come with two beds may be more suitable for you who have two children staying and sleeping together in one room. There are tons of loft beds with stairs plans that you can find easily when going to improve your kids’ or your own room.

Full size loft beds with stairs are perfect for your kids who already grow up to share a room, especially if it is a twin size loft bed. If you want one that can match the existing décor, going for the neutral oak finish will make the room and even its bed look natural. However, it seems that these loft beds with stairs for kids will be more perfect if placed in the room with hardwood flooring.

Loft Beds with Stairs and Desk

Loft Beds with Stairs for Adults and Kids

Adults can also have the loft beds coming with stairway, but the choice should be matching with the age of the room owner. Creating such an elegant look is great to do, like the can-wood ridge-line loft beds with stairs designs which are so sleek-looking, especially the side of the stairway and under the mattress, there are built-in drawers that you can utilize to store any stuffs; each step has a drawer so it means you have more storage in a small-space room.

For kids, especially little girls who love being a ‘princess’, the castle loft beds with stairs are so creative and your kids must love them. Designed with the cathedral features and details where the majestic towers become the main feature here that can also be used for storing your kids’ toys, the beds are complete. Also, your little princess can go through the spiral staircase when going to her loft beds with stairs at the top.

Kids Loft Beds with Stairs

For your little boys, a loft tree-house bed may be fun for them because there is a slide, a twin top loft added with a tent, and a bottom curtain that can be the place for playing that are included in the loft beds with stairs. To make a pretty finish that may be favored more by your kids; the deep cherry wood is perfect.

Amazing Loft Beds with Stairs

You already see how various and wide the options of the loft bed with stairway, from the full-size one, can-wood ridge-line, castle-designed one, and even the one like a tree-house. Both adults and kids can enjoy staying, sleeping and playing on these loft beds. The loft beds with stairs also come in many different styles as well.

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