Complete Guide for Elegant Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room is one of the most important places in your house, this is where you will spent most of your time with your family and guest, so it is very important for you to check this elegant living room design ideas.

As the pride and soul for the house, living room is the place you have to properly design, and there is one kind of design that everybody wants; the elegant living room, and this guide will give you the best elegant living room designs ideas that not many people is able to achieve on their own. But it will not come easily, even after you got your inspiration from reading this guide, there are a lot of things about the elegant living room ideas that have several factors holding you down.

One such factor is the money, elegant living room furniture are usually extremely expensive for most people. But even so, they are still requires because they are the vocal point that makes your living room looks grander and more luxurious. We got a lot of pictures to help those of you who are looking for inspiration on how to achieve this kind of style for your house.

Elegant Living Room Furniture Sets

In order for you to get your furniture for the living room, there is no choice other than buying them. Unless you are an extremely skilled craftsman, it is very difficult for a normal people to crafts something that has both elegance and beauty.

But buying elegant furniture is not that easy as well, one of the simplest solutions is by buying the elegant living room sets, that way you will get a complete set of furniture that compliments each other easily.

Elegant Paint Color for Living Room

Depending on the furniture set that you get, what colors you can use for living room will also change. But there is one rule that you should always keep in mind for an elegant living room, do not use darker paint as the main color despite it being your favorite color, it will makes the room feels gloomy instead of elegant.

Elegant Wallpaper for Living Room

If you are not fond of just using paint and wanted something with more vibrant designs and patterns, then using wallpaper is a good idea. The same basic principle also applicable here, you need to choose something that will makes your living room feels brighten, thus avoiding more gloomy colors and patterns.

Elegant Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern house is more of functionality than style, but you can actually have both of these values with proper design. One of such design is by eliminating the barrier between the living room and the dining room; here are some pictures to show you how elegant this concept can be.

Elegant Curtains for Living Room

Looking at how important the color schemes for an elegant living room are, it is also makes it more difficult to choose the right type of curtain. Not only that you need to check out its color, but the design must not be in contrast with the overall design of the living room in general.

Elegant Mirrors Living Room

One of a classic decoration for your living room that can help with its elegance is by using mirror, but you are not supposed to use ordinary mirror. The mirror in question must be specifically design with elegant pattern and shapes, this kind of decoration have a very big impact on the atmosphere of the room.

Elegant Rugs for Living Room

It is one of the absolute must haves for a classical elegant living room, and once again, the problem with the color arrived. Although it is not as limited as the wall or curtain, but it will be one of the main attention grabber, so choosing the right design that supports the overall style of the room.

Small Elegant Living Room

With so many things required for an elegant living room, you probably think that having small space will eliminate the chance of you getting it. Fortunately, you are wrong; here are some examples on how you can turn your small living room into something that is both elegant and stylish without many decorations.

Simple Elegant Living Room D├ęcor

A fireplace is always a good thing to have to makes your living room look more stylish. But do not forget about looking for luxurious lighting for the room as well. You can also decorate the room with various plants to makes it feel more natural with a hit of greenery.

All of these are just the basic of elegant living room design ideas, you can freely add your personal touch if you feels like it.


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