Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Kids

There are some solutions for your kids’ bedroom, especially if you want to create sharing room with bunk bed ideas. There are several ideas to make simple bed bunks with storage and cool ideas.

Some bunk bed ideas can be solution for parent to give their kids comfortable share bedroom. Bunk bed has special structure where you can have to bed with one support, so it takes minimum space and leave more space in the room. Some people are really creative to build bed bunks with two different theme in one bunks from boy and girl. Though the bed is located in the same space, you can decorate the bed with two different theme due to your kids’ favorite theme.

Indeed, you should not just consider bed bunks as the solution to safe space in your kids bedroom. At the same time you have to make the bed decorative for the room. There are some cool bunk bed ideas that even you can decorate the bed bunks on your own. You can also ask what your kids want for their bed. Children’ favorite things would be unique bunk bed ideas for your kids’ bedroom. It can be decorate with certain theme like color theme.

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The last idea which will be discussed in this article is the bed bunk that has some storage. Bed bunks usually have stairs or some space under the first bunk, you can install some drawers or to create some storage to keep your kids stuffs. There are at least two great unique bunk bed ideas for your kids.

Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Boy and Girl

How about bunk beds for boy and girl? There are some cool bunk bed ideas you can suggest to your kids. First, make it fit to your kids hobby. Take for example the girl loves reading and the boy love sport. You can install reading lamps for the girl and some soccer decoration for the boy. Second, make it simple with color theme, you just need to pick the sheets and bed cover. Third, you can make the two bunks with two different movie theme. You can check the galleries for more inspiration.

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Unique Bunk Bed Ideas to Save Space

Some kids want more space in the room to move around. In this case you can just pick unique bunk bed ideas for your kids. One of the best idea is the bed bunk which is fit to the corner of the room. You can pick unique bunk designs with permanent installation to the ceiling. You can also pick bed bunks with unique shape like L or T shape which is fit to your children bedroom. Just check for more inspiration in the the galleries.

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Bunk Bed Storage Ideas

How about giving your kids’ solution to keep their stuffs? You can suggest them to have bed bunks with some storage. First, bed bunks with bookshelf. It can be great idea to install a bookshelf in between the to bed. Second, bed bunks with drawers. If your kids have some stuffs like shoes or other stuffs that should be kept, you can install some drawer under the bed and at the edge of the bunks. Need some more bunk bed storage ideas? You can just check the pictures in the galleries.

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Make It Great Bedroom

Indeed, you can just pick one of the ideas for the bed bunks you like. If you think the room will be much better and comfortable, you can make it a minimalist bedroom with the bed bunk. You can pick one the ideas of the unique, cool, and storage. Just combine two or more ideas that goes with the room, and you should consider not only the bunk bed ideas but also the overall room decoration.


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