Rustic Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

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When you have a house with a rustic theme, you will need rustic decorating ideas for the interior of your house. Going rustic means going traditional in many ways including when it comes to the furniture to the material that you use most to build the house. In most rustic house, wood is dominating the house. The wooden elements can be on the wall, on the floor, and even on the ceiling. That is why most of the rustic house has the color of brown which is symbolizing the color of the wood. In some rustic houses, bricks are also used quite a lot of times. So, basically it is just wood and bricks. It is very traditional and the shape of the house is traditional as well. There will be no weird roof shape or glass door just like in the modern houses or contemporary houses. Everything will be just traditional. Now, let us talk about the interior design. There are many elements that can be incorporated in rustic decorating ideas. Below are some of them.

Wooden Wall Shelves

Using wooden wall shelves is just the perfect idea to decorate your house with the element of rustic. Say for example, the wall in your house is just a normal brick wall and not wooden wall. It is painted soft yellow or white. Then, the element of wood from the shelves can add more rustic touch to the house. Wooden wall shelves are basically floating shelves that you can easily attach to your wall and then you can place anything on the shelves. You can place framed pictures of your family, you can place rustic flower vases, and you can even place a small rustic clock on the shelves. It will be a really great idea to decorate the wall. This kind of shelf can be found anywhere in most stores and usually one set of wooden wall shelves consists of three shelves and each of them has different size. Usually, you can bring them home with $14.95

Burlap Frame

What can be more rustic than burlap? The cloth is really rough looking and traditional looking. The color matches the color of most wood and that is why it can be a great element of rustic. You can totally use burlap frames to make your house more rustic. You can buy as many burlap frame as possible and then fill each of them with your family’s picture. Say for example, your family is a family of four: you, your husband, your son, and your daughter. Then, find four burlap frames that are in the same size and then use each of them to frame the pictures of you, your husband, your son, and your daughter. Arrange those four framed pictures on the wall of the living room. Start with the picture of your husband on the highest position. Follow it with your picture, then your son’s, and finally your daughter’s. One burlap frame is usually sold for $ 7.81. It is affordable and it is going to be nice rustic decorating ideas.

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