Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas DIY

Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas DIY

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Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas DIY

Decorating small garden or patio can be fun when you are thinking of fairy garden ideas. Fairy garden will create a mini fairy land which creates an impression of large space. Indeed you can make the fairy garden like in Disney movies or make garden a small garden like in story book children. How about building a fairy garden where you can have some pets? Of course it also can be a great ideas. You can build the fairy tale garden on your own. All you need to do is just to prepare the area to build the garden, like in the middle of your back or front yard and in the patio. It does not have to take the whole space, you can just take some part of the area to be the fairy garden and build soma path to access the garden. And then you also have to prepare some plants and buy some fairy house and little stones to create the path to the fairy house. It will be even more perfect if you also keep some pets in this garden. Don’t forget to consider the weather condition, especially if you live in four season country.

Disney Fairy Garden Ideas

Nobody is too old for Disney. In fact, there are some great inspiration from Disney movies to build your own fairy garden. First, Tinkerbell fairyland. Which land you want to build? Summer fairy land or the pixie hollow trees. You can just buy some small accessories and arrange them as you like. Second, Disney woods. Make a small Disney woods, you can make it like in Snow White and Seven Dwarf. Just check more pictures in the gallery to inspire you more.

Fairy Garden with Some Hamsters

How about keep some hamsters in your fairy garden? It can be great ideas! All you need to do is to look for some fairy garden ideas where you do not have to grow some plants. The hamsters will likely to eat any plant you grow. Just build the garden with simple accessories like mini house and pond. But, you have to make sure that the garden has some roof or put it under some room structure in the patio. You can check some pictures for the patio fairy garden.

Story Book Children Fairy Garden Ideas

At last, you can just check your old story book children and make it your fairy garden theme. What decoration you might need? Small mushroom like the red mushroom and small lady bugs decoration with some little dwarf. You just need to arrange the garden with small plants and small house like in Hansel and Gretel house then arrange the accessories to create particular story. Some picture in the gallery may get you more inspiration of fairy garden ideas.

Final Touch up for the Garden

For any ideas you pick for your fairy garden, you have to pay attention on several basic things. First, pay attention on the water installation. Check the water access in the area where you are going to build the garden. Make sure your fairy garden is not too far from water access. You do not have to build permanent water installation, you can just water the garden once or twice a day with a hose or any thing. Second, pay attention on the weather condition. It will not be too much problem if you build the garden in summer, but you have to consider the weather condition when the summer’s gone. There might be low temperature, rainy days, or even snow. If you want to make the garden stay last longer, you can build some roof or build the garden under your patio roof and any fairy garden ideas will be great.

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