Lego Bed Frame The Ultimate Bed Frame

There is this one great idea for those of you who are waiting for their baby boys; the Lego bed frame, the ultimate bed frame for anyone who loves and enjoys playing. Before you start asking, no this is not about building a bed frame using Lego blocks, it’s about a bed frame built and crafted to looks like a Lego block.

It is a very unique in design and Lego bed is actually very popular for those with modern and contemporary house. If you have baby boys who love playing Lego; which most of them do, the Lego room décor is the perfect gift. But for those who are not familiar, maybe you are afraid that it will cost too much money.

Fortunately, you can build your own Lego themed kids beds, and it’s fairly easy as well. Surely helps that it cost only a fraction of what you would have to pay for a commercial one. If you are curious about his, then you should have not worried, we have plenty of Lego bed frame pictures to share with you. You can use all of those pictures as references on what kind of bed frame that you want to make.

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Lego Single Bed Frame

Decorating a Lego bedroom for a single bed is super easy, you do not even need to buy a new bed frame and all you need to do is to redecorate the frame. The easiest way is just by sticking Lego out on the bed frame.

Or you can paint it if you think you have the right skill, Lego blocks has a lot of different color, so you need to buy different cans of paint.

Lego twin Bed Frame

Of course you can use the same approach as the above, but it can get a bit trickier when both of your boys have different preferences and taste regarding their favorite Lego toys. Using different themed posters is not a good idea since it will make the bed seems out of place, so painting them is the most efficient way.

To further increase the effect of the Lego bed frame for the twin bed, put some Lego wall hanging with different colors all around the bed itself.


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