Best Primitive Decorating Ideas for Living rooms

Best Primitive Decorating Ideas for Living rooms

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Best Primitive Decorating Ideas for Living rooms

Primitive decorating ideas are needed if you love old traditional theme that is even more traditional than rustic theme. When you hear about the word primitive, all you think is probably prehistoric creatures, cave men like the Flintstones, and also dinosaurs. However, primitive does not have to be related with prehistoric era. Primitive is just anything rustic that is brought into one new level. In primitive-themed house, there cannot be weird stuff and weird shapes in every object in the room. You just let the traditional element to gather around the room through the primitive theme. Below are several primitive decorating ideas for you,

1. Indoor Fire Pit

To give the room the touch of primitive era, you can use indoor fire pit to the room. Choose the indoor fire pit that is made out of stones so that the primitive touch can be felt even more in the room. Making indoor fire pit is not easy but it is not hard as well. Consult to your architect before you start making the house and tell him or her that you want your living room to be completed by indoor fire pit. However, indoor fire pit will be only working if the room of your house that you want to be completed by indoor fire pit is vast enough and tall enough. It will be such a great decoration for your room. Beside, you do not need heater anymore when you have indoor fire pit.

2. Burlap Window Valances

Burlap is a very rough kind of clothes and often associated with something rustic and primitive. Thus, you can use burlap as the material of your window valances. There are many stores that are selling burlap window valances. All you need to do is choosing one store that sell the best burlap window valances. Make sure you know the exact size of your window so that you can choose the window valances easily.

3. Chamberstick Lamp

For the light fixture of the room, you can go with the chamberstick lamp. It is totally rustic and the shape is really unique. This kind of lamp is very stunning with is black body and its transparency when it comes to the lamination. That is why you need this kind of lamp if you really want to make your house looks like a primitive house or at least look like something rustic.

4. Unique Wall Décor

When you want to have more primitive touch for your room, you can go with unique wall décor. Choose several tribal masks as the decoration of your wall. Buy several tribal masks and arrange them neatly to the wall of your living room or bedroom. If they are colorful, you can repaint them to match the color of the masks to the color scheme of the room. Remember, the more unique your decoration, the more primitive it will look for your living room. Get the primitive decorating ideas above to practice so that your living room will look unique and stunning.

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