Open Concept Kitchen Designs Ideas for Modern Lifestyle

This open concept kitchen designs ideas is made for those of you who have a contemporary or modern style house who wishes to get more modern design for their kitchen. The open kitchen design is one of the most popular type of kitchen in modern house today, and the reason for that is very simple, this kitchen eliminates the barrier between the rooms of your house.

The open concept kitchen designs ideas are made to make your house feels more intimate but still has the functionalities that each room is designated for. One of the most popular one is the open kitchen to living room, where there is no wall or any kinds of barrier between the supposed living room and the kitchen. This concept allows those with smaller house to have their own kitchen and living room without the need of larger space.

The open kitchens excel in contemporary and modern style house; it might not be well suited for those of you who prefer something more traditional. Other great things about this open concept kitchen living room prefers simplicity, so you do not need to get many kinds of decorations or furniture, in many cases, you use the same furniture for the kitchen and the living room.

Open Concept Kitchen Living Room

If you are new to this kind of kitchen living room open concept, fortunately we got a lot of pictures that will help you gaining more understanding regarding this concept.

For this kind of living room and kitchen room concept, the dining table is going to be the buffer zone between each room’s functionalities, which is why there is great importance regarding choosing the right dining table, this allow bigger space for both room to use.

Open Concept Kitchen Dining Room

Another advantage of this style of kitchen is that it allows you to mix functionalities together. This concept mixes the kitchen and the dining room into one space, so one room can have the same functionalities as both the kitchen and the dining room. Then you can just use big curtain as divider.

Open Concept Kitchen and Family Room

If you need another way to distinguish the functionalities between the rooms, then you can use different material for each room. You are allowed to use different kind of material or finishes to determine which one is used for your kitchen and which one for your family room; in some cases, different paints are used.

Small Open Concept Kitchen

This open concept rooms excel in those with smaller space, there are many designs that are able to make a small kitchen to feels more spacious due to the elimination of barriers. This saves a lot of money for the owner because you only need to buy decorations for one room only.

Open Concept White Kitchen

When you think of one color that can be used excellently for both the kitchen and your living room, then white is probably the first that comes to mind. There are already a lot of designs that we showed you which are utilizing the beautiful white color to produce a clean looking and sleek open concept rooms.

The open concept kitchen design ideas allow you to be bolder with your design because it gives you a lot more space to move.


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