Stairs Wall Decoration Ideas for Traditional and Modern House

If you think that there is no place left inside your house that can be decorated, why do not try some of these stairs wall decoration ideas? Of course, in order for this to work, your house must have at least one set of stairs leading to another level of floor.

Many people that own a living room with stairs do not think that decorating their stairs wall is actually a priority, and if you think that way as well, then you need to change your mind quick. In order to help you change your mind, we will also include a lot of pictures of stairway decorating ideas that you also made yourself.

Traditional Stairs Wall Decoration Guides

Depending on the design of the stairs and the available space, what decorations that you choose will differ. Of course, for a traditional design stairs wall, you will have a lot of room to unleash your inner creativity, and using the painted stairs alongside various wall decorations will make the stairs looks more attractive than ever.

If you are not interested in painting, then you can use the traditional wall decorations; like pictures, memorabilia or medallions, but instead of just putting the decoration over, try to arrange them to makes them looks more interesting. Here are some examples on how proper arrangements of wall decorations can change the atmosphere of the room.

Modern Stairs Wall Decoration Guides

For those with modern and contemporary style house, you can try to make something unique; one such thing is to change your stairs wall into a large book shelf. This will add more functionality inside your house, especially if you are an avid reader.

There are still many more stairs wall decoration ideas that you can see, and if you find something that interest you, you can use them as reference and change it to suit your taste.


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