Cool and Best Wooden Stairs Design Ideas

Wooden stairs are always needed when you have two stories house. You need the stairs to get from the first floor to the second floor. The stairs are not just extremely important but also paying a lot of contribution in the decoration of your house. You just cannot make a plain staircase inside your house because it will ruin the decoration of your house instead. You need to design the stairs well.

To build a great set of stairs with wood, you need to the basic of how to build stairs including how to install the deck stairs and many more. However, it is too complicated to build stairs on your own. That is why all you need to do is thinking about the design of the wooden stairs and let the construction done by the professionals. Below are several designs of stairs that you can use as inspiration.

Wooden Stairs

Anti Slip Stair Treads Wooden Stairs

Building Wooden Stairs

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Wood Stair Treads and Risers

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Designs on the Wooden Stair Treads

The treads of the stairs are important to construct the stair. However, if you want to design the treads, you need to know that the essence of the treads is the safety, not the design. So, when designing the treads, you need to take the safety aspect as the number one priority. That is why you need to consider the material of the treads to make sure that it is not slippery and it is safe for anyone using the stairs.

Wooden Staircase

How to Make Wooden Stairs

Pictures of Wooden Stairs

Wood Stairs Ideas

Wood Stairs Images

Wooden Staircases

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Wooden Stair Spindles

Designs of the Wooden Stairs Railings

The railings of the stairs are not just for the handle of the stairs but also for the safety as well. That is why if it is possible, you need to design the railings as creative as possible but also as secure as possible. Avoid too complicated designs of railings such as the over curvy design. Designing wooden stairs is not that complicated if you think about it way in advance.

Wooden Stair Railings

Interior Wooden Stair Railings

Wood Stair Railing Designs

Wood Stair Railing Ideas

Wood Stair Railing Kits

Wooden Stair Railing Designs

Wooden Stair Railing Indoor

Wooden Stair Railing

Wooden Stair Railings Indoor


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