Ceiling Medallion Wall Art Simple Guide

One of the most unique but will significantly make your room a lot more atmospheric, the ceiling medallion wall art is actually very easy to do. This wall art allows you to decorate your wall easily, and with that little effort, you will find that; depending on the medallion designs of your choice, the atmosphere will change drastically.

These wall art ideas are not only beautiful and easy to make, but they are also quite versatile. The basic idea of this wall medallions decoration is for you to buy some medallion decorations; this is very easy to find, see any with the design of your liking; while the color is very important, you should think more about the overall design, as the color can be changed easily.

Painting ceiling medallions wall art

The reason why you should get your decorative wall medallions without thinking about its color is because you can just paint them. There are instances where people find a design that they like but the color don’t match with their room, we can eliminate this problem just by using paint.

This way, no matter what type of room you have, it is very easy to find some medallions that can be used as the decorations. So the next step after you got some medallions and probably painted them with the color of your desire, it is time to attach them to your wall. The easiest way to do this is by using Velcro fastener, and we really recommend you to do just that, Velcro fastener allows you to easily remove the medallions off your wall without damaging the paint.

As you can see, it is very easy to get your own ceiling medallions wall art, not only that they are cheap, but customizing them is very easy as well.


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