Cool Crafts for Teens Tips and Tricks for Easy Made Arts

Finding cool crafts for teen guide is easy; the difficult part is to bait the interest of your teen. Welcome to this cool crafts for teens tips and tricks, where you can find the basic tips and tricks for crafting intended for decorating for a teen. Teenage life is difficult, lots of things suddenly became available and confusion can distract ones attention, but introduce your teenage child into arts and crafts to help them, not only that it will hone their skills and imagination, but it also kept them from being bored; we know boredom could led to something awful.

Of course, there are a lot of decorations that you can make yourself, but if you are planning to introduce decoration crafting to your teen child, it is best to start with something that is easy to make and cheap, it is holds her interest, you can try to provide her with something more complex. If you also confused on what type of decorations which are suitable for a beginner, then you can try some of these decorations, these decorations are perfect for beginners, easy to make, cheap and looks beautiful.

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Twinkle Light Canopy

The twinkle light canopy is a perfect decoration for a teenage girl looks stunning, easily customization and can be placed wherever you want. The material itself is easy to find and cheap, for the canopy itself you can choose whatever material you want; cupcake papers are good first choice for it being cheap and available in various colors and designs, string lights, scissor and knife; be careful with the scissor and knife for first time user.

Twinkle Light bed Canopy Twinkle Light Canopy Pictures Twinkle Light Canopy


DIY Waste Basket Nightstand

You find yourself with a dull room and want something more refreshing but do not want to spend any money? Make yourself a chic and funky nightstand using a used garbage can. Clean the garbage cans, paint it with any colors that you want, put some decorations too if you prefer, flip it over, and you got yourself a unique one of a kind nightstand. If you have some money, you can get a more desirable garbage can with better design.

DIY Waste Basket Nightstand Design DIY Waste Basket Nightstand Ideas DIY Waste Basket Nightstand Pictures


Washi Tape Light Switch

The light switch is not something that often gets a decoration, but in a more themed room, a plain light switch ruins the atmosphere. You can decorate the light switch by using the washi paper and tape, but first you need to buy a light switch with your preferable design. you just need to cover the light switch with the washi paper and combined it with colored tape of your choice; you can also add stickers on it too.

washi tape Light switch covers Ideas Washi Tape Light Switch Design Washi Tape Light Switch


Shopping Bag Supply Holders

Shopping is a hobby for every teenage girl, but it causes one major problem, no room to store those things that you buy. You can use your used shopping bag to store the things, but with some twist, it can turn your room into something unique. It’s simple, you just glue the shopping bag in your wall, and if you want more colors you can paint the shopping bag first before putting it on your wall.

Shopping Bag Supply Holders Design Shopping Bag Supply Holders Ideas Shopping Bag Supply Holders



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