DIY Crib Rail Cover Ideas for Easy to Make Projects

If you are expecting your first baby soon, then you will need this DIY crib rail cover ideas and guides. A cover for a crib rail usually is not placed really high in the priority list of anew mom, but if one dares to forget this, then she will be in a world of trouble; or to be more specific, it is the baby who will suffer from the consequences.

It is well known that growing babies loves to chew on anything, especially when they are in the gnawing stage, and the crib rail is one of them, thus it is important to have crib rail guard to protect your baby and the rail itself. Gnawing crib rail can be extremely dangerous depending on the material that is used to make the rail, wooden rails are the most prone of suffering from this problem, and if you are planning to use wooden crib for your baby, than this diy crib rail cover ideas are 100% important.

All the pictures posted on this DIY crib rail cover ideas are 100% homemade crib bite guard, some can even be made by practically anyone, and of course, we make sure that they are super cheap as well.

DIY Crib Rail Cover No Sew

All you need are some fleeces; the number needed depends on how many covers you want, and make sure the lengths of the fleeces are similar to the rail.

Cut each side of the fleece and lay them on top of the rails, and then all you need to do is to tie each side of the fleece to another. This one is very easy to make and this crib rail cover requires no sewing at all.

DIY Crib Rail Cover with Snap

You can try to make some of these crib rails cover that use snaps instead. This allow a lot more customization compared to the previous type, while still maintaining the affordable factor, and here are some pictures that you can use as your references.

As you can see, this DIY crib rail covers ideas contain only easy to make projects, but they looks as good as those covers you can buy in stores and much cheaper.


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