DIY Home Decor Ideas for Living Room and Bedroom

Not all homeowners will prefer to buy any décor items because DIY home décor ideas are available to help you save more money because they will be less expensive but more attractive. Living room is one of the parts of the house that will need to give some creative touch, like the floating shelves that can be made yourself from wood and leather belts. This is one of the good DIY home decor ideas for living room you can consider.

While for the DIY home decor ideas for bedroom, you can try making your own doormat from old cloth or the used and worn t-shirts. This rug will be much cozier than the others you have ever purchased from stores even if just made of around eight old T-shirts and a plastic doormat that comes plain. All you need to make these DIY home decor ideas is they are cut into strips before hot-glued on the doormat in the rows direction.

diy home decor ideas

Other Recommended DIY Home Decor Ideas Living Room

It seems plate art is one of the trending DIY home decor ideas that can be placed in many living rooms, so why do not you try this? Use contrasting colors to be glued together with the plates’ sizes by using the all-purpose glue or epoxy. To make it look more adorable, they can simply be clamped with bungee cord or even a belt but make sure the glue is already dry.

Fabric-banded curtain is also included in the DIY home decor ideas you can sew yourself. The fabric band can simply be sewed to the plain curtains that you already have. However, you can also consider the fix to be quicker by having fusible webbing instead; they are not expensive and you will get the best result for sure.

diy home decor ideas

Other Favored DIY Home Decor Ideas Bedroom

Unused cans can be utilized to make as DIY home decor ideas for bedroom, especially to organize your stationery. The fun and colorful scrapbook paper can be added to the cans with different sizes so this supplies organizer can look more interesting and unique aside from being functional. It won’t take much time but require your creativity.

diy home decor ideas

You may love reading and there are many books on shelves but without bookends. Use the unused brick to be sprayed with the color that you like most. After that, you can have some other fabrics or lace’s trims to decorate the brick so it will look unboring. Clothesline border for notes and pictures will also be functional and decorative at the same time, so which DIY home decor ideas you want to apply in your home?

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