DIY Kayak Rack Ideas That is Easy to Make

One problem with having a tremendous love of outdoor activities is how you need to arrange and store the equipments, and for those who have this problem with their kayak, here are some DIY kayak rack ideas to choose from.
Kayaking is one of the most popular outdoor activities today, but it also causes a major problem, how to store those big kayaks properly. One of the best solutions that people came up is by building your own homemade kayak rack. This way, you can store your kayaks in style because you can actually make the kayak stand any way you like.

In this DIY kayak rack ideas guide, you can find the best way on how to build such a diy kayak stand. We will give some pictures for yours to be used as references, but before we begin, there are some things that you need to know first; one, the stand should have no hard pressure point, and two, the best point on which the kayak should be stored is the 50% middle section of the said kayak. Apart from those two important things, how you want to decorate your stand is up to you, because kayak is easily deformed, you need to make sure that the material is also quite gentle.

Kayak Storage Rack DIY

The wooden kayak rack is one of the easiest kayak storage rack plans to find, and it is also quite popular as well. It is very easy to make; making it accessible option for even a beginner, it is highly customizable, and more importantly, it is super affordable.

We really recommend people this type of rack, but if you have experience in crafting and you want something that is more durable, then you can try PVC kayak rack.

DIY Kayak Car rack

If you do not have big enough budget and you need reliable kayak rack that will be used on top of your car, you can easily make one using several pool noodles. Put your kayak on top of the pool noodles, and strap it out using two or more straps.

DIY Kayak Roof Rack

If you think the above DIY kayak rack ideas is a little plain, then you can use these PVC made rack as or your reference. We choose pvc instead of any wooden material because it will be placed on the roof and will get exposed a lot, wooden material will get damaged very easily.

Pickup Kayak Rack DIY

If you own a pickup, then you got a lot of room for your kayak rack, here are some pictures that shows how the kayak rack looks on top of pickups. Once again, while wooden rack looks good, it is not recommended, and depending on how any kayaks that you want to carry, it is better to use metal rack.

DIY PVC Kayak Rack

The PVC is a great material for a kayak rack, but it is not very customizable, many considers that pretty much the only things why people are using this material is because of its price and durability. Fortunately, they are wrong, here are some kayak rack made using the PVC that looks stylish and are homemade.

There you go, after we show you all of those DIY kayak rack ideas, we really hope that it helps you designing your own kayak rack.


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