DIY Wood Countertop Ideas, Functional and Stylish

If you want your kitchen to look more traditional but still maintaining the modern functionality, then there is nothing better than using wooden material, thus here are DIY wood countertop ideas that you can use.

But why is it wood countertops DIY project? Isn’t buying one is far easier and take less time? Well, with homemade countertops, it allows you to have something that is more unique and personal, you can customize it to suits your preferences, in other words, it allows you to style your kitchen differently. Other great thing about these diy wood kitchen countertop ideas is that the countertop pictures and designs are cheap; they are far less expensive compared to the one you can buy on stores.

Of course, there will be people that are going to argue that wooden material is not durable enough and has less resistant to water compared to the other modern material, while that arguments are somewhat true, we will show you how to make your wood countertop to be more resistant to any kinds of water damage. Of course, you can also find some designs that can even be made by someone who has no experience in carpentry at all.

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DIY Wood Kitchen Countertops

One of the best materials to be used for the wood kitchen countertops is actually your unused scrap wood; it can be changed into some beautiful countertop designs. All you need to do is measure your kitchen table, get some wooden scraps;

If you ever wondered, oak is one of the more popular types used for countertop due to its durability, and just cut the wooden pieces to the size of your table then install it.

DIY Wood Plank Ideas

Pine planks are also very good to be used for your DIY wood countertop ideas, and it will make your kitchen looks very rustic and traditional as well. Pine planks does not need much things to do for its decoration and finish, and it can last you for years, here are some pictures of beautiful pine wood countertop.

DIY Wood Island Countertop

You need to make the countertop more resistant to water. One way to make your wooden island countertop to be more resistant to water is by covering it with several layers of seals. It is not only will make your wooden countertop more resistant, but it will also give you a very beautiful glossy finish.

What do you think of our DIY wood countertop ideas, are there some designs that you want to make yourself?


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