Comfortable Floor Couch for Sweet Home

For American and European people to use floor couch is very rare and unusual. They have no tradition to put this sofa or sit on the floor when there is a guest come to their house. But it will be easier for us to find a house with this type of seating on their living room in Asia like Japanese, Korean and Arabian house. Basically, this kind of couch is a normal couch but it does not have any legs on each side. This floor seating design will be a good improvement and very useful especially when you do not have enough space or you do not have lots of money to buy an original couch.

Sometimes when we sit on the original sofa or couch while reading a book or playing computer, we will get tired in a short time. We need to stand up a bit or walk but when we use floor sofa, we can straighten our foot and it will make us more relax while sitting. Or you can use big bean bag chairs on your living room where people can sit comfortably while watching a book or playing a game on their smart phone. This kind of chairs is also good for you to sleep and straighten your foot after you tired of sitting.

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It is true that floor sofa ideas coming from people who have small house or often move from one place to another. They cannot afford bigger house yet their living room is not big enough for them to put an original sofa so they choose this floor seating idea. With this idea, they can save more money and it will be easier for them to move the floor couch when they have to go to a new place.

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When it is hard for you to find the right floor couch or you think that the price for this sofa is still high, you can change to floor cushion couch. You can use usual pillow or flat pillow which is not comfortable for sleep anymore as a sofa. All you have to do is just arrange them after you cover your floor with carpet before. You can cover the floor pillow couch with bed linen and your floor cushion couch will be ready for you and your family.

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