Full Grain Leather Sofa vs. Top Grain Furniture

Full grain leather sofa is one of the furniture that is enjoyed by many people because leather is so natural that will really last longer than other materials or fabrics. Leather itself usually comes from pigs, buffalo’s, or cows and yes, it means that leather is made of tanned animal skin. One thing that usually makes people confused here is the difference between the full grain leather sofa and top-grain which both are indeed different.

Leather that is usually used for the upholster furniture, like the full grain leather sofa furniture needs to be identified before getting dyed and tanned. For you who are not that familiar with the word grain here, the use of this word is usually for describing the characteristic of the hide—in this case is the natural quality—before it is processed. Markings, texture, pores and wrinkles that are found in the hide are included in this.

Picture of full grain leather sofa

Full Grain Leather Sofa and Top Grain Leather Sofa Comparison

Full grain leather sofa manufacturers will let the characteristics of the leather stay original which means only hair removal that is processed here while the texture and markings are kept. That is the reason why manufacturers will usually use the high-quality hides in large pieces as full grain leather in order to make furniture upholster. Fortunately, you can find full grain leather sofa on sale easily.

Top grain is different from the full grain leather sofa set because top grain leather is actually the animals’ skin’s top layer which is really the outer part and thin. Sofas with the top grain leather will be more costly because there is correcting process in order to make it not as soft as the full grain.

Useful full grain leather sofa

The conclusion here is that the full grain one will still keep the markings and manufacturers only remove the hair while for the top grain leather, it comes in a thinner way because it is the top layer and it is also through some correcting process making the price much higher than the full grain. These two have great and high quality; you will find it thicker when purchasing the full grain leather sofa.

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