Small Modern Gray Bathroom Ideas for Cool Home

Gray is a somber and calm color that becomes extremely “hot” lately. The most contemporary trend in interior design places grey as one of the most favored colors. Homeowners are particularly interested in applying gray bathroom ideas when constructing their bathroom. Gray in a bathroom creates a sauna-like sensation that improves its comfort level. Therefore, in addition to making the bathroom look modern, gray also makes it feel more comfortable.

Gray can be combined with almost all colors. The safest colors to combine with grey are neutral colors, especially white or black. You can hardly go wrong if you try to combine gray with those colors. It is, however, also possible for you to take a daring step by combining gray with bolder colors, such as yellow, red or blue. If done correctly, combining gray with those colors will surely yield an amazing result.

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White and Gray Bathroom Ideas

Gray will look perfect if combined with neutral colors, particularly white. White wall with dark gray profiles in your bathroom will look sleek and timeless. The same amazing look can also be evoked by reversing the combination: grey backdrop with white foreground. The best gray bathroom ideas may use gray in all of its varying intensities, including light gray, dove gray, mid-gray color, and dark gray. With white or black, all types of gray will look great in modern bathroom design.

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White and Grey Bathroom Ideas

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White and Gray Bathrooms

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Gray can also be combined with bolder colors for the best gray bathroom ideas. If you want to play safe, you can pick a color that is as calm as grey. If you want to experiment with blue, you can pick light blue and pair it with gray to evoke a serene and calm sensation in your bathroom. A gray bathroom vanity on a light blue wall or floor looks calm and soothing. If you want to play with bolder variants of blue, you may want to add a third neutral color to create a balance between the bold color and the calm grey. Small blue and gray ceramic tiles with white and black tiles in between will make the wall of your bathroom appear stunning.

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