Interesting and Fantastical Fairy garden Ideas

Every girl dream to be a princess at least once in their lifetime, and with this fairy garden ideas, you can made some part of that dream come true. With these truly fantastical and phenomenal designs, you can turn your house into a magical world that you usually can only see on TV. It is very difficult to just describe how wonderful these fairy gardens ideas are, so we also put a lot of pictures along with it.

Of course, for those of you who have the budget and space, this kind of things can be easily achieved, but for those of you who do not have enough budget, some of the designs that we shows are actually the result from diy fairy garden. That only means that you can do it as well, and we will provide some guide on that said projects.

These homemade fairy garden decorations are perfect to be used as decorations in any kinds of house, although it is more suitable for a traditional one, with some tweaks and changes, it can even sit well in a contemporary style house. So without further ado, let’s start this fairy garden design ideas guide for you.

Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas

Most of the fairy gardens images that we show you are meant to be used for indoor. One reason why it should not be used outside is because of the material used. Any of these fairy garden design ideas are made using materials that are very prone to outside damages.

One example of such kind of design is this fairy garden made using wooden material; the wooden material allows you to create a more traditional design that encompassed the beauty of nature.

Outdoor fairy Garden Ideas

Combining several outdoor furniture and decorations is a great idea for your outdoor fairy garden. One of the best examples of this is fairy garden decoration made from a combination of bonsai and the Spanish clay pot. It has enough space for any design that you want, and the bonsai tree make everything seems more relaxing.

Fairy Garden bedroom Ideas

You can even makes your bedroom feels dreamier by using this fairy garden decoration meant to be used on a bedroom. It does not use materials that can make your room dirty as most of them are plastic and metals, but it does not mean that they look less interesting than the more natural ones.

Fairy Garden Container Ideas

There are a lot of things that you can use as the container, and you have probably already own some of those things. One can make a container out of old bbq grill; it makes a great container due to its durability. An old wooden barrel is also a great material to be used for rustic style fairy garden.

Backyard Fairy garden Ideas

To continue with the gardens that utilizing the bbq grill idea, it makes a great decoration for your backyard. It have big space to use and it will not be damages easily, although you need to work on it first before you can actually use it; first is to clean, then comes the paint, gloss or finish.

Large Fairy Garden Ideas

Larger container allows for larger decoration and more things to put, but it is very important not to overdo the decorations. Put just enough stuffs on the decorations, here are some pictures for the examples on how to utilize the available space with a large container and using only household items.

Fairy Garden Ideas for Small Space

If you do not have enough space for all the stuffs that you want in your decorations, then you have to tweak the whole design. One such way to manipulate space is by putting more levels on your container, one such example is this fairy garden made with broken pots.

Fairy Garden Ideas DIY

All of the designs and ideas that we posted are doable by everyone at their house, and you do not have to make them exactly as shown with the pictures, you can add your favorite things and change the fairy characters with the one that you like.

Other way to get your own unique fairy garden design ideas is by utilizing paint, this will allow you to put your own touches on the decorations and make it more personal.


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