Lap Pool for Exercising and Recreational Use

Doing some exercises is a good way to stay young, healthy and powerful; and swimming is one of them. It helps everyone to refresh their mind and train their muscles. Nowadays there are lots of clubs providing lap pool to be the place where the members can do the swim laps. However, you don’t need to do that since you can create and install your own. Lap pools themselves are the pools coming in a larger size where only one or two person can join in, but most homeowners choose pool which is only used by one person. For people who have limited space backyard, installing this pool is a great idea. Whether indoor or outdoor, the installation of the pool is flexible.

This endless pool is usually used for swimming contest, so you must know its standard or minimum sizes. In United States, it comes with a length of 45-75 feet, depth of three and a half feet minimum and width of eight feet. If you only swim by yourself, then it’s fine to have a pool with 8 feet minimum for the width, but if you have a partner to swim together then adding 4 feet is recommended. This pool is mostly created in rectangular shape, but you can have a better alternative which is the L-shape. The L-shape even provides enough space for people to build pool steps and do other activities.

Talking about the exact price, there are some factors noticed. You should pay attention to the selected materials, professionals or contractors hired, the dimensions, and place where you live. The range of price in one country is different to others, so please be aware about this. Particularly there are four main types of this tool. They are above ground lap pool, fiberglass lap pool, small lap pool and indoor lap pool.

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Above Ground Lap Pool

You want to have recreational swimming pool yet there’s an opportunity to exercise, and above-ground pool could be the answer. Use the L-shaped to make spaces around look wider and bigger. Having additional stairs at the corner or on one side of the pool will make it seems not just a pool. And you are lucky for visiting this site as you can get lots of ideas related to the above-ground pool. Please see following photo gallery to find more.

Above Ground fiberglass Lap Pool

Above Ground Fiberglass Lap Pools

Above Ground Lap Pool

Above Ground Lap Pools

Above Ground Small Lap Pools

Cheap Above Ground Lap Pools

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Fiberglass Above Ground Lap Pools

Fiberglass Lap Pool

Easy to take care of, easy to clean, easy to install and does not spend much money on chemicals are the main reasons why fiberglass pool have become popular these days. Compared to vinyl and concrete, fiberglass is more resistant to algae and could stand for a long time. It is safe swimming in fiberglass pool since the surface is smooth and not dangerous. Later you will find out that the installation is easy to do. Please see following photo gallery to find more about fiberglass lap pools which are interesting to be installed inside or outside the house.

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Small Lap Pool

It has become more popular nowadays to have certain activities outside, such as holding barbecue party or pool party; and decorated with beautiful small pool will add perfection. Besides, a small pool enhance the luxury of a house depends on its location. Installing a small pool inside the house will make you possible to swim when unfavorable weather occurs. This pool is safer for anyone, even for children. Please see following photo gallery to find more.

Small Lap Pools Above Ground

Small Lap Pool

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Small Lap Pools

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Indoor Lap Pool

When you are planning to build a house, please make sure to include an indoor pool. You can’t just add the pool once the house is completed. Probably it will ruin the design. Measure the size of the room or space first where you want to install the pool as water should not be splashed on the wall. The advantage of building indoor pool is that the homeowner won’t have problems with extreme weathers, so materials like ceramic and glass can be used. Please see following photo gallery to find more.

Above Ground Indoor Lap Pool

Build Your Own Above Ground Lap Pool

Indoor Home Lap Pool

Indoor Lap Pool

Indoor Lap Pool Sizes

Indoor Lap Pool Dimensions

Indoor Lap Pool Designs

Indoor Lap Pool Design

Indoor Lap Pools

Small Lap Pool Designs

Small Indoor Lap Pool

This type of pool is usually used for swimming contest or for those who want to do swim laps with partners. Since there are minimum or standard sizes for lap pools, the homeowner can create his own pool. L-shaped is more popular compared to rectangular shape as it provides more spaces to build foot step and other activities. Factors like sizes, country where you live, materials and even the contractors determine sum of money you should pay. Above-ground, fiberglass, small pool and indoor pool are the four main types of lap pools you can choose and install inside or outside. And let’s experience wonderful swimming with your own lap pool.


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