Living Room Design Ideas for Your Style and Personality

Living room design ideas are important when you plan to make the room more comfortable and suitable with your style and personality. The idea that is commonly found and used is actually the neutral design in which the cool cream color and deep brown can make the room more appealing. The more relaxing living room design ideas can be created with the large, leather club chairs, while if the corner is empty, you can make it into an office decorated with mirror-backed bookcases and an antique desk.

Another idea that you can take is contemporary living room design ideas but there are also some rustic elements that you can combine. For the newlyweds, the house with such concept will make a couple-friendly room where the furniture can be made contrast between the dark cabinets made of wood and tumbled marble fireplace. These are living room design ideas with fireplace but to optimize it as well as the TV viewing, the large sofa should be placed there along with an ottoman coming in brown color complementing the wooden cabinets.

living room design ideas

Living Room Design Ideas and Décor Tips

If you like a traditional theme, you better try for something new by combining traditional and mod by placing the vintage sofa with the 11-feet length that can be made as a mod counterpoint if there are two antique chairs placed opposite. No matter you look for the living room design ideas for small living rooms or big ones; the local artwork is definitely something worthy to exist in your living room, especially if placed over the fireplace.

It’s a good idea to add more privacy to your living room with the drapery panels with no thick lines installed so the light can still enter the room. Flexible furniture is also one of the great living room design ideas, like the ones that you can rotate easily thus the positioning will be simple. The leather swivel chairs can be used here because of its flexibility, as well as the double-duty, long upholstered ottoman that can be used as a bench and coffee table at the same time.

living room design ideas

For a small room, more light can be added through some oval mirrors hung on the wall. Although it is a small space, do not hesitate to try living room design ideas recommending the bold accent color use.

Neutral design or contemporary yet rustic design can be achieved based on your personal preference in living room design ideas. Moreover, combining mod and traditional is a good idea, adding flexible furniture is also suggested to make your life easier as well as getting more privacy without blocking the light. Some mirrors and bold accent colors are also easy living room design ideas that will make your living room more charming.

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