Living Room Dining Room Combo Ideas for Small Space

In this modern time, things are going a lot simpler and simpler, and that creates something that people knows as living room dining room combo ideas. Different to the old days of traditional style house where the dining room is separated with some kind of wall or barrier, this living room and dining room combo are not.

The living room dining room gives the owner of the house a lot more simplicity an dynamics going on, and due to the elimination of the restriction, both rooms feels a lot larger than before. This makes it a very great design for those with modern style house where functionality trumps all. And with the price of a house in this modern market, many prefer to own a small house, this living room and dining room design makes even a small house feels like it has a lot of room to move.

This living room dining room combo ideas guide is here to give you a guide on how you can create that kind of room design, and to help with the guide, we also got a lot of pictures of many modern and practical room designs to be used as your reference.

Small Living Room Dining Room Combo

The living room kitchen combo design shine the most on small house, this allow both room to have more space available. But the most important thing is the designs of those two rooms.
Of course, the simplest answer is by using the same design, thus the rooms will mostly look the same while having different functionalities. But if you have different designs in mind, then you have to create an invisible barrier; using different color is one such example.

Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Combo

Houses today comes in different shape and size, on a house with long and narrow design, you cannot afford to have barriers separating your rooms, so this is the kind of room design that you want. But the dining room and the living room can easily be separated in this kind of case, due to the space available between them.

Formal Living Room and Dining Room Combo

For those of you who values simplicity and functionality above anything else, you can have a formal living room dining room design that does not requires a lot of decorations. This kind of room combo design is very simple yet looks very clean and sleek; it is also advisable to use similar kind of material and color for both rooms.

Paint Colors for Living Room Dining Room Combo

As said earlier, you can use different color as the sign for where each room start, this allow you to create some kind of barrier without actually restricting the room. This is one popular way people get to decorate their rooms, if you are interested in this, make sure that the paint colors are not to contrasting to each other.

Living Dining Room Combo Decorating Ideas

If the decorating styles are too different, then you probably need to use different color for each room just to show that there are actually two rooms and not one large room with mixed decorations.

It is also preferable if the styling of the furniture for both rooms also using the same style and design as well. There are actually more living room dining room combo ideas that you can find, use all the pictures that we provides for your inspiration.


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