Making DIY Garage Storage

DIY garage storage is something that you really have to make at one point in your life to prevent your garage from getting messy. The main purpose of a garage is to keep your car or your other vehicle. However, sometimes we just forget that main purpose and use garage like a warehouse where you just throw everything in there without sorting it and even without knowing why you keep those things. In the end of the day, the garage will be like a junk yard and you will not even have the space to park your car anymore. That is why you need to know how to make DIY garage storage. Below are several ideas for you related to it.

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1. Use the Wall Maximally

To organize the piling stuff in your garage, you really need something to clean up the garage. It is a sort of organizing stuff. You do not have to think about complicated things because actually you will be able to really clean up the space in your garage just by simply adding or attaching something on the walls of your garage. It is a really great idea to save up some spaces and also to make the garage less messy. The something that you can attach to the wall is basically everything. However, tile is probably the greatest idea. It is strong and easily found anywhere. You will be able to find tile pieces anywhere in any hardware stores. Beside of that the price of the tiles is really cheap as well. All you need to do is just applying the tile to the wall. It will make some spaces for you to place your stuff and make the garage really less messy.

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2. Make Ceiling Storage

To save even more spaces, you can maximize the function of your ceilings. Ceilings are high up there and you can really turn it into the best place to keep and store your things. So, no need to place everything on the floor and you can use the ceiling instead. To maximize the function of your ceiling, you can totally create a sliding storage system. The storage system will hang right from the ceiling. It will keep whatever you want because the storage is pretty huge. Use several plastic bins as the storage and you can really make it on your own because it is quite simple.

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3. Hang Everything

Since you want to clear your garage so that it can go back to its proper function, you may want to create some hangers on the wall so that you can hang everything instead of placing everything on the floor. Making hangers is pretty easy because it is basically just nails and hanger. However, today, there are many stores that are selling hangers. All you need to do is attaching them to the wall and the hangers will be ready. Hang everything from your coat to your bicycle if possible. It will totally be great DIY garage storage.

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