Mixture of Beautiful Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

The living room is one place where you get to hang out with many of your family and friends, so the atmosphere is very important for this room, thus we recommend you to take a look of these blue and grey living room ideas if you feel that your living room is lacking in atmosphere.

It is not a secret that these two colors blends really well, and the reason why we recommend you to check out these blue and grey living room ideas is because the combination of these colors is able to give you more relaxing atmosphere. The blue and grey color scheme is the perfect choice if you spend a lot of time together with your loved ones in the living room, it will make you feels more intimate faster.

Most of the designs that you see will consist of blue living room with grey decorations or furniture, but if you prefer something that is more unique then you are allowed to use some decorations or furniture that has different color into these grey and blue living room ideas. Of course, it is very important that the blue and grey took the major part of the living room or else it will ruin the balance.

Light Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

Light blue living room gives you more soothing feeling than most other room, not only it helps you relax fast, but it feel less intense than other as well. Adding various grey decorations and furniture will actually makes the effect stronger.

If you are afraid that making the room too light is a problem, then you can choose to go with darker grey to accompany the light blue color, but the numbers of things that use that color should be limited.

Navy Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

Using grey as the primary color of your living room and adding various navy blue color decorations and furniture will give different effect. This is the color combination that you need to get. Not to mention that the navy blue makes this room a perfect to rest as well.

Is there any design on these blue and grey living room ideas that takes your interest? Feel free to customize as you will, but remember to not overdo things or the contrast will kill the atmosphere.


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