Choosing Functional Mudroom Lockers for Sophisticated Interior

Mudroom lockers are important part of mudrooms. A mudroom is an area in a house that will act as a barrier between the indoor and outdoor. This particular room is very common in the regions with muddy and wet winter seasons. A mudroom’s main purpose is to help keeping the interior of a home clean. Therefore, everything in the room must be easy to be cleaned including tiles, the mudroom lockers with bench and others. It’s not uncommon that washers can be found in this room too.

Many of the lockers in mudroom are made of woods. Woods are sturdy and with beautiful color tones as well. The woods lockers for mudroom might retain the natural wooden tone or even being finished with a different color of paint. It could be blue or other colors depending on the interior design. Most people stick with the natural wooden tone to give the room warmer feel.

Some people are thinking about DIY mudroom lockers. This is not a bad idea. If you do have the skills of woodworking, this option can be considered. You may want to fully make the lockers or partially modified the existing lockers. Whatever your choice, you’ll need to know details of lockers you will make.

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Mudroom Lockers with Bench

As aforementioned, mudroom has the function of transition from outdoor to indoor. This room must have proper furniture to support its functions. A well designed room has hooks, lockers, racks for shoes and racks for wet clothes. If the lockers have bench, it’ll support the function of the room further as it allows you to sit while taking off your wet clothes or your dirty shoes. The bench adds more convenient level to the mudroom.
Check the following images for more inspirations.

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Wood Lockers for Mudroom

Many people decorate their mudrooms to have the good interior with the warm tones of woods. Therefore, the lockers made of woods become a popular choice. While the color is important, durability of wood considered being good and many people consider other things related to design when choosing the right lockers made of wood. Many lockers are made to have its racks for shoes as well as other things necessary such as the good amount of hooks for outerwear, hats and other things.
Check the following images for more inspirations.

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DIY Mudroom Lockers

Sometimes, it’s inevitable to not fond of the particular lockers sold in furniture shops. When it comes to this point, starting a DIY project will not become a bad thing. If you have skills and enough materials to start the project; why not? Naturally, you will need properly supplies of tools and materials and of course a plan. You don’t need to create the plan by your own as you can always find DIY plans on internet.
Check the following images for more inspirations.

Best Mudroom Lockers with Bench DIY Build Mudroom Lockers DIY Mudroom Locker and Bench unit DIY Mudroom Lockers DIY Mudroom Lockers Plans DIY Mudroom Locker Plans mudroom lockers with bench plans


Lockers in mudroom have different designs. That being said, the lockers will always have the similar functionality as storage for all things needed to go outside but will need to be taken off when entering home interior. These lockers can be easily acquired from furniture shops. What needs to be done is to find the best choice. Starting a DIY project can also be done in order to make the good and more satisfying mudroom lockers.


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