Recessed Wall Niche Decorating Ideas

People loves to be different, and if you are one of such unique individual and want to show your individuality, then you really need to read this recessed wall niche decorating ideas. Using your house and room is a great way to show your uniqueness and make yourself feels comfortable at the same time, here are some wall niche ideas that you can always use in any types of house.

Recessed Wall Countermeasure Guides

When thinking about the recessed wall niche decorations, you often find it difficult to fill several holes created by the recessed wall because there are probably have varying size. One countermeasure for such problem is by using wooden logs, wooden logs can be easily customization. You can adjust the size and use some of it to fill in the recessed wall. It looks very good for those with traditional style house.

Recessed Wall Inserts

Although a little bit difficult, people also tend to use shelf for their wall niche inserts, but once again, finding the right size and shape is difficult. Using shelf is a good idea because it will not only use as a decoration but also give you extra display space; or storage. Or if the size of the recessed wall is too big for a shelf, you can make it your reading nooks, or even a bigger storage for larger sized tools.

For those with contemporary style house, you can make use of the wall recess for more functionality. One of such thing is by putting mirrors and glass, use the mirror at the back and make a glass shelf in front of it. Not only that this kind of recessed wall niche decorating ideas gives you more display space, but it gives the same impression as a window and makes the room feels a lot more spacious.


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