Simple Homemade Shoe Rack Guide that You Can Make Yourself

Nothing beat the feeling when people praise your homemade shoe rack when they visit, your family member, your friend, even old acquaintances. Shoe rack is not only a simple place to store your shoes now, in this day; shoe rack is one of the most important furniture in the house. Many people are looking to get themselves good looking shoe rack or exotic designed shoe rack. Why? The answer is simple, it’s pleasing to see and it affects the whole atmosphere in the house. Especially when there are guests visiting, this is the first thing that they will see after all.

Unfortunately, many high qualities and unique shoe rack cost tons of money, but if you want to get yourself a one of a kind shoe rack, why not make one yourself? Making a shoe rack is not particularly difficult, especially if you are only aiming for simple design. But even a simple design can looks magnificent if you can arrange them properly. There are many types of shoe rack that you can choose, most of them are defined by the material that they are used for, but if you are short on money, you can make one just by using junk material.

Cheap Homemade Shoe Rack Homemade Shoe Rack Designs Homemade Shoe Rack Ideas


Homemade Wooden Shoe Rack

One of the most classical designs of shoe rack is the wooden shoe rack. Depending on the design, it can be easy or difficult to make. If you are a beginner, you can just find some wooden shoe rack design from the internet to help you, of you can design one yourself. One thing to remember is that wooden shoe rack quality depends on the wood it used, so find cheap but durable material for better convenience.

Homemade Wooden Shoe Rack Homemade Wooden Shoe Rack Pictures Cool Homemade Wooden Shoe Rack


Homemade Shoe Rack for Closet

If you own a lot of expensive shoes; or your spouse, it is most likely you own a closet to store your clothes and the likes. Then how to get simple but exciting way to store your shoes? Well, for the closet, there are various designs that you can choose. You can just built glass pillar with hooks and hang them one by one, or a simple rack but decorated with various decorations, or even going extreme, the choice is infinite.

Homemade Shoe Rack for Closet Ideas Homemade Shoe Rack for Closet Pictures Homemade Shoe Rack for Closet


Build Shoe Rack Storage Bench

Got any unused bench that just easting space? Why not rebuild it into a shoe rack, that way; you will not only get yourself a shoe rack, but it double as a bench as well. Aside from using unused bench, you can also make this from scratch, but it is not recommended for a beginner because it will take a lot of skill and time. A shoe rack storage bench is super convenient, especially if you can add wheels as well.

Build Shoe Storage Bench Design Build Shoe Storage Bench Pictures Build-Shoe-Storage-Bench


Homemade Shoe Rack for Garage

You can also use that unused space on your garage to store your shoes. Depending on the space its maybe easier to just recycle unused furniture for the base of the shoe rack. Because it won’t be often shown to people, it is recommended to go for durability and space utility instead, don’t care too much of designing something overly complicated.

Cool Homemade Shoe Rack for Garage Homemade Shoe Rack for Garage Pictures Homemade Shoe Rack for Garage



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