Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas for the New, Fresher Decor

There is a bunch of teen girl bedroom ideas with different style, design and theme. For the teen girls who love glitzy theme, the décor can be made as glamorous as possible just like the one recommended by designer Vanessa DeLeon, in which the room is decorated with the bold accessories by mixing them. For a more youthful look, you can use the teen girl bedroom ideas suggesting subtle green paint color combined with the chandelier sticker and mirrored furniture.

The classy teen girl bedroom ideas are also available if you are a teen girl who does not like something glamour and glitzy for your room’s décor. The different textures can definitely be tried to keep the classy style by having a more whimsical look with the use of some black-and-white posters. Alternatively, the serene-feeling teen girl bedroom ideas are also good to make; just use subtle colors for the entire room, like the lavender hues that will be perfect for that serenity theme.

teen girl bedroom ideas

Simple and Easy Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Bored with the old bedroom décor means you need to do something not to stick with that old décor; try the budget-friendly décor you can. It is one of the cheap teen girl bedroom ideas to have flowers decal sticking on your wall without spending much money. For the more mature teen girls, this may be a concept that you will like the most because the idea focuses on not only the flower decal but also accessories coming in subtleness along with the bedding.

Going all bright will automatically boost your mood and you will even feel energized with this kind of teen girl bedroom ideas color, like using the different tones of bright yellows, greens and pinks. These colors are perfect for a contemporary bedroom according to designer Lauren Jacobsen. You can also go for sunny colors only if you want to be a more-energetic teen.

teen girl bedroom ideas

Some teen girls must agree that bohemian-style bedroom is great and for you who do not really like a teen girl’s room filled with only traditional pink, bohemian style can be tried. By adding the flower-print teen girl bedroom ideas to the room, the look of your room will be more artistic, just like the designer Judith Balis recommends.

Whether it is going to be classy, youthful, subtle, bright or bohemian, you know what concept that will work best to make you happy. Choose a concept that you will never get bored with and the one that can represent your style. Hope these teen girl bedroom ideas are awesome enough to inspire you.

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